Making Paling Timber Fences Last

paling timber fences melbournePaling timber fences serve several purposes. They provide security to homes, business establishments, private and government offices and facilities, and basically any property. Also, they enhance the aesthetic value as well as the market value of the structures they secure.

However, many do not last long and this is mainly because of the materials used. For paling timber fences to resist insects, extreme outdoor conditions, and the overall test of time, for many years, all of the components, should be no less than top quality.

So if you are planning to build a paling fence, know which timber supplies are the best and most reliable. Some of the most common are Merbau, Cypress, Cedar, Redwood, and treated Pine. But if you choose to use other types, make sure it is pressure treated in order to increase the timber’s defenses against borers, water, and other natural elements. With regards to nails and fasteners, galvanised nails are recommended, as they are more resistant to corrosion. Note that if nails corrode, over time they will damage any timber in direct contact with them.

paling timber fences MelbourneThe process of building is the next important thing to consider. It goes without saying that fences should be erected in accordance to standard installing procedures. It is best to set posts in cement, and their tops should be round to avoid the accumulation of water, and therefore to avoid rot. For both treated and untreated timber, make sure you paint the posts with liquid tar before installation to add extra protection from rot. The end of each posts that touches the ground should be heavily coated, to keep them from absorbing water. After installation, decide if you want to stain or paint your fence. Do your homework and research different paint and stain products and make sure they are suitable for outdoor use.

Proper care and maintenance is also vital. You may need to reapply stain or paint after three to five years, depending on the quality of the product you used and if you have incredibly wet conditions in your region. At least once a year, check for any chipped or peeled off paint, and repair as needed.Though you cannot control weather conditions in your area which is the number one element your fence fights against, you can do a lot of things to make your fence last — choose only the best supplies in paling timber fences Melbourne, install it properly, perform regular maintenance and repair, and use it with care.